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The ARTLEE Access series highlights the creatives we create with, clients we work with and partners we build with.


The ARTLEE Access series highlights the creatives we create with, clients we work with and partners we build with. Enjoy our first instalment with Chef Romain Avril.



Born in Paris, France in 1985, Neruda Executive Chef Romain Avril discovered his passion for cooking at the early age of thirteen. By seventeen, he was working at a 1 Michelin Star restaurant in Brittany. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in French and Chinese gastronomy in his native land of France, while concurrently working at 1 and 2 Star Michelin restaurants. One of these was Relais et Chateaux. 

At 21, Avril moved to London and began cooking at The Greenhouse in Mayfair, London. It was at this 2 Michelin Star restaurant that Avril had the opportunity to try his culinary hand at feeding important UK politicians, as well as celebrities like Tom Cruise.  

It was in England that Avril began moving away from his classic French training and towards fusion and molecular gastronomy. In 2010, Avril decided to move to Canada; a country he had briefly visited, and vowed to come back to. He started as a Sous Chef at Colborne Lane Restaurant in Toronto, then moved on to open Origin North Restaurant and Bar as the Chef De Cuisine. Finally, he achieved Executive Chef at the renowned La Société Bistro.

He then took on the big project of opening Lavelle restaurant as well as Goldie Bar. His latest project was opening Neruda, in the Beaches area of Toronto. Chef Avril is the Canadian ambassador for Nespresso and Monogram. He had also represented brands such as Google, Club house, Goose Island, Circle K,, and Zwilling – to name a few. He has appeared on TV segments on numerous occasions, including the food network channel. He has been featured in multiple food, lifestyle, home and fashion magazines.

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Neruda Restaurant is inspired by the romantic artistry of famed Nobel Prize laureate, Pablo Neruda.


Experience bold flavours derived from Latin, Mediterranean and Middle-eastern cuisines in a contemporary and warm ambiance


Richly elevated plates create a uniquely vibrant food journey cooked over the world’s largest wood fired grill.



Bold in flavor and diverse in inspiration, Neruda is Toronto’s newest culinary destination.


The vibrant unique menu pays homage to Latin, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours and showcases an elevated take on cuisine from these regions.


“It’s about tastes and about how I feel. It’s based on feelings and emotions. It’s very natural.” - Chef Romain Avril


“We’re invested in offering a modern approach to some of our favourite dishes from around the world,” - Executive Chef Romain Avril.

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Creative Direction by Brione Wishart

Photography by Courtney Cunningham