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USFUL + 6IX Cycle | Tour De France


To highlight the benefits of wellness in the workplace, we turned a section of downtown Toronto into a high-energy outdoor spin studio. Held in collaboration with a corporate health and wellness program, the outdoor spin cycling event offered two classes per day for two days. It involved a virtual reality (VR) component that allowed participants to experience a virtual cycle race before debriefing over local and healthy refreshments.



The impossible-to-miss installation got both the participants and passersby engaged and motivated, with business wear-clad audience members cheering on the participants in between meetings. The use of VR offered a multi-faceted and memorable experience. The first live session resulted in over 4,000 impressions.



From conception to teardown, our team designed a sleek outdoor spin studio with spin bikes, music, and refreshments. To offer a layered experience, we sourced top-of-the-line VR technology and administered the experience for the audience. We engaged with participants through a mobile app for signups and check-ins to the event.


Directed and Produced by Brione Wishart| Photography by Brione Wishart

What is 6IX Cycle?


We are not in the business of spin classes we are in the business of so much more.  At 6IX Cycle want to provide our riders, known as the 6IX Squad, with a space to become the best possible versions of themselves.  The spin bikes are merely an accessory for what will happen in that room.  Our core values (Our 6IX) are built on: Community, Vitality, Passion, Transformation, Motivation and Strength. 6IX Cycle will provide a platform for the 6IX Squad to let go of any outside stressors and focus on themselves for the duration of the 50-minute class.  Once you walk in the door you become part of the Squad, whether you have done hundreds of spin classes or are walking in the door for the first time, you immediately become part of our family. As our first Core Value is Community we value the importance of connecting with our riders, our team and fellow businesses in the area.


6IX Cycle is not your average spin class, it’s more like a Vegas night club with spin bikes in the room.  Think: Low lights, Big Beats and one hell of a sweaty party.  Classes are for all fitness levels as each rider is in control of their own bike.  We do everything to the beat of the music providing our riders with a gauge to help them measure progression from class to class with our priority being the safety of the rider.  Your workout, your journey, your effort, your choice.


We will have capacity for ~50 bikes per scheduled class and are looking at 40-45 classes per week.  The duration of each class is 50 minutes and will include a warm up, an upper body weight track midway through the class and a cool down/stretch at the end.  Each 6IX Squad Leader will add their own style and flair to the class so you will have a variety of personalities and music genres to choose from. 6IX Cycle will provide every rider with indoor cycle shoes, filtered Q-Water stations for reusable bottles, sweat towels, shower facilities, and toiletries so all you need to do is show up and sweat.


Pedal with Purpose, Live your Journey, Find your 6IX Side //